Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Crochet Diana Dreamer Purse

 Crochet Diana Dreamer Purse

First off, this is not my idea.(For the source of my inspiration see the end of this post) And because the idea is not originally mine and someone else is earning some money with it on Etsy I won´t say much about how this beautiful purse can be remade.

I found the idea - as so many ideas lately - on pinterest and I choose to try and make my own, instead of buying one online. After all, that is the fun in being able to crochet and knit. To do these things youself. 

It has some obvious flaws and design problems, for sure. After all, it was the first try. I´ll maybe do another one that is more even and rounder around the edges.

Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Mason Jar Covers

Kind of Part II of my "New Apartment Decoration". 
Seagulls and Stormy Waves.


New Apartment

I have moved to my new apartment. The whole moving process was accompanied by tons of problems (more than I have ever experienced) and I am still not truly happy that at last it´s done. On the contrary, I am stressed and frustrated and restless. Decorating my new apartment helps. As does exploring the city and walking around my neighborhood

The picture is an old calander page my mother kept for me, hoping it would highten my mood to decorate my new home with it.

Wedding Garland

Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013


There is a wedding ahead. 
It´s not mine! But it got me in the mood.

Here´s the first impression of a wedding inspired gift-wrap.
I am so sorry that I don´t know where I got the idea from anymore, probably pinterest. I think it is a russian design, but there was no pattern to be found. (If you know the source - write me in the comments and I will properly link to it) 

But than it is not very tricky and can be easily re-made.


 Obviously I am a huge tumblr fan.